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Social distancing - things to do while you're stuck at home

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

For me and my family, we are taking social distancing very seriously. That means a lot of time together indoors and out, but not interacting with our friends or neighbors. If you are like me, you are juggling working from home but also keeping your kids from going stir crazy while schools are closed down. I put together a list of resources for what to do while you are stuck at home that are both entertaining and educational. And while they are great for kids - let's be honest - they are great for us adults too! I hope these provide some relief for you and your family. I’m also relying heavily on the Marco Polo app. If you haven’t downloaded it, it’s an awesome video messaging app that lets you feel connected. I’m also having Zoom happy hours with girlfriends which has definitely been helpful for my mental health!

Art & Music:

Being cooped up inside has a silver lining when it comes to exploring your inner artist - being music or craft time.

Science & Nature:

There are so many amazing cultural institutions around the world that are live streaming animals or offering virtual tours of their collections.


Physical (or mental) Health:

We all know this is going to be a trying time and testing our physical and mental health. All the more reason to be proactive and take advantage of ways to exercise our brain and body.

  • The Balance Meditation App is offering a free years subscription to anyone who wants it. I can personally attest for what a great app this is! Email for instructions on how to claim your free year subscription.

  • My gym, CrossFit 80/35 is providing loaner equipment and virtual workouts! You should check with your gym to see what they are doing during the shutdown.

  • Hy-vee Kidsfit is doing 30 days of at home, no equipment fitness and activities for the kids.

  • Check out the Obe Fitness app - for classes to do at home.

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