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Frequently asked questions: 

what's the cost?

This 4 week course is FREE. Yes, that’s right $0. We want to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to achieve this dream!

What if i can't make each meeting?

In an ideal world you would sign up and be able to attend all 4 sessions but we know life happens. Please try to prioritize making it to all sessions but let us know if you have a conflict.  

Can I attend virtually?

Our course is designed to be an in person experience but stay tuned for future virtual options.   

Will there be more dates for this course?

Yes! We just completed round 1 of HOW so this June session is round 2! We plan to host one more session in the fall of 2024, dates to be announced soon!

Can men attend this course?

We have crafted HOW (home ownership for women) to be specifically targeted for woman and have the desire to create a warm and welcoming space for women to learn together. At this time we do not have a course designed for men but if you are interested in us curating one please email us! 

What if I have to leave early?

We hope you can stay for the whole session but we welcome you for any time frame you can attend.           

Do I have to be single?

You do not have to be single to participate! We welcome anyone who identifies as female to participate!

How long is the course?

This program consists of four, one hour long sessions.

Can my kids come?

We want to create the ideal learning environment for all participants to truly focus on how to achieve homeownership. At this time we ask for children not to attend.

What if I'm already working with a realtor?

If you already have a realtor you are working with to purchase a home, we recommend you inquire with them about what educational offerings they may have!

A program created by women, for women to empower them to achieve homeownership.




"You’re told that you 'get married, buy a house and have the kids', especially in the midwest. But that’s bullshit.  A woman can and should do anything she wants, including buying real estate."

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