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How to Manifest Your Dream Home

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Want to manifest your dream home?

Step 1: Have a vision – If I told you to close your eyes and picture your future home, how would you describe it to me? Where is it located? What is the layout like? What color are you painting the walls while drinking wine out of plastic cups and eating pizza straight from the box?


Step 2: What are the essentials? Think about your current home. What’s missing? What room or space would make your life better? A wine cellar might sound like an essential (and if it is for you, I am all for it 🍷) but what key features would be essential? A great floor plan for entertaining, a private yard filled with pine trees and room for a garden, enough bedrooms to give the kiddos their own space? A functional laundry room (aka not one that opens from the garage directly into the door of the washer and zero storage). What will you NOT be willing to compromise on?


Step 3: What doesn’t work? This is like the flip side of those essential features. Let’s make sure we remove anything that would be a big, fat deal breaker! (think about what you CAN’T change in a home! i.e. location & lot size!)


Step 4: Be positive – Remove any negative thoughts from your brain. (ie: it’s too competitive, we’re never going to find the right house, etc).


Positivity through your home buying journey is CRITICAL to finding that perfect – for you home! The other critical part.. find your self a good Realtor that understands the market and can guide you and advise you on how to make a competitive offer if you’re in a multiple offer situation! It can make all the difference! (My team is kind of awesome at this!)

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