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buying 101

As a buyer, you may be wondering where to start. You know there’s a beautiful, comfortable home in your future but you might not know how to get there.

I’m here to help. I encourage buyers to call me the second you’re considering buying a home so I can help you through the beginning stages. From finding a good lender to discovering your options as a buyer and knowing what to look for in a home, I will guide you through this process. Using my years of experience to help educate you on all aspects of the home buying journey.

Have questions about the buying process? No problem! 

Selling 101
Selling 101

When selling your home, you need more than just a sign in your yard. My background is in marketing and communications, and I love utilizing these skills to market your home to as many potential home buyers as possible. Using social media as a standard platform for listing your home, I believe your home has an advantage, finding its way in front of more potential buyers.

We’ve invested in the best resources to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. This means we have experts to stage your home, professional photography and videography, and our in-house administration giving you weekly, transparent communication so you know exactly what is happening behind the scenes. Which means our agents are left to do what they do best… sell homes!

Want to see how much equity have in your home? Fill out the What’s My Home Worth tool on this page, and let’s get together to go through what you can realistically sell your home for and what you will walk away with. I won’t sugarcoat anything or tell you what you want to hear. My evaluations are always honest and straight forward.

What is my Home Worth?

We will be in touch!

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