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Staging To Sell

It's Katey here popping in to share some knowledge as the busier months of real estate settle down. This tip is for the sellers. Winter months are typically slower that average, with holiday seasons in November and December, people are busy with family, vacations, and taking breaks and fewer people are willing to move in the cold weather so the demand for house purchases lowers.

Want to set your home selling up for success? Make your home irresistible with setting the stage. Statistics show that homes that are staged sell 73% faster than homes that aren’t. The misconception with staging is that it requires a company to come, bring in a bunch of pretty things and get rid of what you currently have– that’s not always the case! Staging a home means preparing the home for a potential buyer, which can absolutely include what you already have. If hiring a staging company isn’t in the cards for you, here are a few things you can do to stage it on your own:

  1. Declutter- if you don’t want to move it when you sell, get rid of it now. It will make packing so much easier when the time comes.

  2. Storage- invest in functional storage solutions that can make your life easier when preparing for showings and showing the potential buyers that the home offers the space to do so.

  3. Clean- spending the time (or money) on a deep clean. This will help you feel better about the space and allow it to be easier to maintain throughout time on the market.

  4. Honey-do list- it’s time to cross those items off now. Squeaky door, loose cabinet screws, chipped paint? Take care of it now so the flaws aren't nitpicked over when it's on the market.

  5. Maintenance- replace your furnace filter, clean out the gutters, weed the flower beds, and replace burnt out light bulbs. Do the “self-care” things for your home that it needs!

If this list seems daunting, don’t worry! During our listing presentation we will walk you through the things that are worth your time and energy and things that we wouldn’t necessarily worry about. Keep in mind, you still live here. It’s not expected that you live in a stale environment that makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells every time you make dinner. Create a space that’s easy to keep up on while still making it seem irresistible to a buyer that might come your way.

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