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Golden Oak, No Problem!

One of my regular pieces of advice to potential homebuyers when we are out searching for their new home is “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Of course, there are things that I always say are on the ‘do not compromise list’ – location, neighborhood, schools, etc. But there are other things that some buyers often question that are totally fixable. Classic example – 90’s style golden oak. For whatever reason, homes built in the 90’s and early 2000’s have golden oak EVERYWHERE – trim, built-in, kitchen cabinets, you name it. It was very classic for the time, but for some homebuyers can be a bit overwhelming. I am here to tell you that it can be a pretty easy fix and only requires a little white paint and maybe a change to the hardware to make quite a transformation. Just check out the before and after of this living room focal point built-in transformation! What a remarkable difference!

So, before you cross that house off your list because of those kitchen cabinets – think about what you could do with a gallon (or 3) of paint first.

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