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Getting your home show-ready in 15 mins

If your home is listed or you are getting ready to list, you will want to check out my expert tip for getting your home show-ready in just 15 minutes! This tip works assuming your home is generally tidy at the start (dishes are done, beds are made, etc.)

For when you get that last minute showing, have 2-3 cheap laundry baskets (you can get them from the Dollar Store) to put all the 'clutter' around your house in the baskets. I am talking toys, mail that has piled up, unfolded laundry, anything that is laying around or needs to be picked up. Just shove the baskets in the trunk of your car and voila! - your home is tidied up. Open up your curtains and turn on all the lights and you will be amazed what a difference it makes and in no time at all.

Extra Tip: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use any scented plug ins or candles for showings. It can be very overwhelming to buyers that are sensitive to smells and it can also give the impression to buyers that you are trying to cover something up! So just don't do it!

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