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August 2021 Des Moines Market Update

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Shout out to @simplydesmoines (Les Sulgrove) for being such a great resource to Realtors. He breaks down some pretty impressive stats 📊 about our market.

You can watch my full video here or read my market update recap below.

👩‍💻My short recap: We are still in a sellers market, although we are seeing more inventory come on the market and stay on the market for longer. We are still a long ways away from even a balanced market but definitely nowhere near being close to a buyers market. In my opinion more inventory is a great thing. For most buyers this is the biggest investment they will ever make and they should not have to make a decision in 10 minutes. And for sellers it’s OK not to have so many offers to choose from, you can work with buyers who have taken the time to really look at your home and make sure it’s the one for them!

☑️ interest rates still at record lows ☑️ lots of buyers still looking ☑️ Biggest need for houses in the $150k-250k price point. ☑️ inventory is now over 2000 for the first time since February! (Ps.. there are more Realtors in Des Moines than homes for sale!) 😳

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