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Winter Home Buying 101: Why Winter may be the Perfect Season to Buy

Yes, the spring house hunting season may have more inventory, but don’t discount winter as a perfect season to find your next home! Here are a few of the perks of winter home buying as the temperatures drop.

  1. Motivated to Move When home sellers list their place in the winter, it usually means their life has experienced a change in plans and now is the time for them to move on. Maybe they just accepted a new job offer in a different city or they already moved out to a new town and the house has sat on the market since summer. That means you’re in the right place at the right time and the sellers are motivated to sell!

  2. Possible Discount on Stale Inventory The sellers of that house that’s been listed for 7 months may just be tired of paying utilities (especially coming into winter) and could be a motivating factor to get it sold. The longer a home sits the longer a seller has to pay utilities, taxes and maintenance. So if it’s a vacant home that’s been sitting for a while, don’t be afraid to make an offer! Sellers may be willing to bargain, giving you more incentive, but you always need to be prepared to walk away.

  3. Less Competition Less competition for you as a buyer! In this fast-paced real estate market we’re experiencing right now multiple offers are definitely a possibility. If you house hunt before the busy season, it’s likely you will have less competition with other buyer’s trying to write an offer on the home you want!

  4. Property Perspective The cold outside may give you more perspective inside. The harsh winter weather can take its toll on a home. The cold and wind test a home’s insulation, while moisture can lead to more serious problems like ice dams. Take time as you tour the home and take notes of any chill, moisture or drafts in the rooms. Consider how the home’s current condition would impact your quality of living now and just how much of a chunk it will take out of your wallet later - remember these issues as you negotiate the final price of the home.

If winter seems like a good time for you to start looking, give me and my team a call! We’re prepared (with cute snow boots) to help you find your perfect home!

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