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What you need to do if you want to sell in the next year

If you are considering selling in the next year or two, the best advice I can give you, to make sure your home sells as fast as possible, is to start doing things now to get it ready to sell. If an inspection reveals a bunch of deferred maintenance, there is a good chance that your house could end up going back on the market. Unfortunately upkeep and maintenance aren't the most fun to do but there are plenty of importance things that you can do now to make sure they don't hang up the sale of your home later.

Here is my top list of items to consider address before listing your home:

  • annual HVAC maintenance/tune ups or repairs

  • gutter/roof repairs

  • foundation issues

  • leaky plumbing

  • faulty electrical

  • rotting window sills

  • windows that don’t open or painted shut

  • ripped screen doors

  • door handles that are broken

  • crooked kitchen cabinet doors

  • drafty front doors

  • rotting deck or decks that need power washed

  • broken fences

  • ruined carpet

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