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Ready or Not, Winter is Coming

Your winter ready checklist and tips for home efficiency savings!!

Ready or not…winter is coming! Get ahead of the cold and get your home warm and cozy by taking a few steps to get your home winter ready. We have prepared a short checklist of our top 5 tips that will turn that drafty home into a cozy retreat. It should also save you some cash along the way. (click on the image to read)

If your home is a bit older (built before January 1, 2007) and you think it might need a little extra advice to achieve a comfortable temperature and reasonable heating bill, MidAmerican Energy offers Iowan’s free home energy audits through their HomeCheck Program. These audits provide homeowners with suggestions to reduce their energy consumption as well as a list of recommendations you can do to improve your home, e.g., insulation, newer appliances, etc. If the report shows some major steps are in order - such as insulation, new appliances, etc. MidAmerican Energy has a very generous rebate program to help encourage you to make the change.

To read more about the HomeCheck Program, rebates and if your home meets the qualifications - click here.

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