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Make your Summer Bucket List Now!

Greater Des Moines has no shortage of amazing things to do this summer and it is not too late to put together your summer bucket list. For some inspiration and look at what is on my list…read on.

1. Picnic in the Park: There is something 'timeless' about packing a delicious picnic lunch and heading out to your favorite park to play and eat. I don't do it enough with my family! In July, Des Moines Parks and Rec will launch another season of Tour DM Parks with 31 parks you should definitely visit this summer. So pick a park and pack a delicious picnic!

2. Cumming Tap Bike Ride: The Cumming Tap is only 10 miles south of Des Moines and the perfect neighborhood bar to stop after a bit of a ride! Along the Great Western Trail, it hosts Wednesday Night Steak Nights and occasional events. Follow their FB page to see when food trucks and special events will be there.

3. Check out Bell Hop Tiki Bar: It just opened this past weekend in the East Village, Bell Hop is a tiki inspired bar that specializes in cocktails made from fresh juices and homemade syrups. Apparently it is nothing short of vacation in a glass!!

4. Movie at the Drive-In: I have always wanted to go to the drive-in. Newton's Valle Drive-In (only a 30 minute drive from Des Moines) shows a double feature at dusk from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

5. Go Berry Picking: This was on my list last year and I just didn't get to it but Berry Patch Farm in Nevada is the best 'pick your own' berry patch in Central Iowa (in my humble opinion). Strawberry picking starts in a couple of weeks and then there are raspberries, blueberries and more! Nothing beats berries fresh from the vine.

6. Eat at St Kilda Surf and Turf: Also recently opened in the East Village is St. Kilda's newest, St. Kilda's Surf & Turf restaurant. If their cafe wasn't mouthwatering enough, I have to go check out their new menu.

7. Attend 80/35 Festival: Another event that I am so proud is featured in Des Moines. The 80/35 music festival is just an awesome time. Whether you get tickets for the main stages or check out the free stages, there is plenty of fun, food and great musicians to check out.

8. Go Star Gazing: This is on my list because, unlike the others listed, star gazing makes you take a step back from the excitement and constant stimulation of life, and just observe what is around you. I have always wanted to learn more about our stars and planets above and there a plenty of opportunities in Des Moines to do so. Here is a list of stargazing events right here in town.

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